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We Pack Your Nut Bestseller

As a specialist for packaging solutions in the nut sector, YZN offers you comprehensive service from a single source. Our goal is to show off your premium nuts for wholesale and to offer your customers an unforgettable taste experience. We rely on tailor-made packaging that is perfectly tailored to your individual needs. From the creative design of the packaging to the smooth handling of the logistics processes – we take care of every detail to ensure that your nuts reach your customers in the best quality and with an attractive appearance. Our experienced team of packaging designers, product developers and logistics experts work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions that best present and protect your premium nuts. In doing so, we always take into account the latest trends and innovations in the packaging sector and comply with all legal requirements in order to offer you a comprehensive service that you can rely on. Get to know our different types of packaging:

Bulk Packaging - Ideal For Wholesale

Our bulk packaging is the perfect solution for wholesalers and the food industry. They offer an efficient and cost-effective way to pack and transport large quantities of nuts. In addition, they ensure optimal storage and durability of your premium nuts, so that the quality is always maintained.

Plastic jars with Recycled Content (RC) - environmentally friendly and stylish

Our cost-effective plastic jars made from recycled material combine sustainability and functionality in one packaging solution for your nuts. They are ideal as a budget friendly and eco-friendly option without compromising on quality.

Tubular bags (flowpacks) flexible and versatile

Flow packs, also known as flow packs, are a flexible and versatile packaging option for nuts. They are ideal for different quantities and enable an attractive product presentation. Their ease of use and the ability to be custom printed make them a popular choice for retailers.

Plastic vacuum bags - maximum freshness

Vacuum bags are the ideal packaging solution for nuts that require extra freshness and shelf life. By removing the air from the bag, the oxidation process is slowed down, keeping the nuts fresh and tasty for longer. Vacuum bags are particularly suitable for sensitive types of nuts or for export.

Stand-up pouches (doypacks) with and without a pressure seal – practical and resealable

Stand-up pouches, also known as doypacks, are a popular retail packaging option for nuts. They are light, space-saving and offer an attractive product presentation. The optional snap closure allows the bag to be easily resealed and protects the nuts from air and moisture.

Block bottom bags - traditional and elegant

Block bottom bags are a classic and elegant packaging solution for nuts. They are particularly suitable for the gift market or for special occasions, as they impress with their appealing design and traditional shape. These pouches provide good product visibility and attractive retail presentation.

Impeccable packaging to the highest standards

Compliance with regulations and rules for the packaging of nuts as food is of crucial importance for YZN. We are aware of the great responsibility that comes with the packaging of food, so we rely on strict quality and safety standards to ensure the protection and freshness of your premium nuts.

Our packaging solutions meet various requirements to ensure impeccable quality and hygiene. These include:

  • Compliance with national and international food regulations
  • Compliance with industry-specific requirements
  • Implementation of EU regulation 1935/2004 for materials and objects that come into contact with food
  • Implementation of HACCP concepts (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for the systematic identification and control of risks in the packaging process

We are always working to further optimize our packaging processes and materials and ensure that our employees are regularly trained and informed about the latest developments and regulations. In this way, we guarantee consistent quality and safety when packaging your nuts, so you can rely on flawless product presentation and maximum customer satisfaction.

Together for success: YZN - your wholesale partner for premium nuts raw and roasted

Let’s create your bestseller together and take the success of your premium nuts to a new level. Trust YZN as your competent partner for first-class packaging solutions and benefit from our expertise and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
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